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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Windows 7 Certification - Provide Your Career with a Leading Edge

MS Windows 7, that is also known as MCSE Qualification is an enhance stage qualification by the most popular source MS. Having this advanced qualification not only will offer you new exciting job opportunities but also help the applicants to (MCITP boot camp) learn about latest marketing principles. As MS Windows 7 qualification is higher stage qualification, you must have to accomplish Microsoft Windows 7 qualification first to qualify for this advanced certification. By getting MS Windows 7 qualification, you will be able to demonstrate a greater range of expertise in managing, setting up, setting up and trouble shooting Local Area network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN).

Windows 7 is typically allocated the technical marketing tasks. This qualification mainly concentrates on ability to install and set up provided Wide Area Network switched Local Area Network Remote Access Networks. As MS Windows 7 certified, you will be eligible to work with complex marketing technological innovation such as MCTS qualification. However, getting this advanced qualification is not an easy job.

No matter you are hankering after entry-level MS certification or planning to take on advanced MS Windows seven, without exercising you can not accomplish your goals. As lot of technical issues is associated to MCITP Server Administrator examination, it is wise to take (MCITP Certification) professional help in this regard.

Unlike conventional mode of teaching that is usually based on (70-680 analyze questions) books and study materials, they have included video chat clips, examination models and analyze routines in their exercising course. This unique detailed MS Windows 7 learning program will not only decrease your examination planning process but also offer assured success on first attempt.

How to Get Windows 7 Certification
MS Qualification is a step towards emancipating applicants to get modified training and understanding on the latest technical developments. Moreover, various MS Qualifications such as of MS Windows 7 Qualification for experts are targeted to increase the employability of skilled professional and help them be successful in today's competitive job market. Such abilities or certification not only help skilled experts gain more job possibilities but also can be associated with the higher performance at place of work with the help of technical know-how. Nevertheless, understanding has never murdered anyone or damaged anyone; therefore, certification MS Windows 7 can be of prime facilitation profession wise.

The 70-680 examination which protects MS Windows is very difficult; therefore, one cannot be in impression that if he has passed MS Windows XP documentation, he easily can pass 70-680 examination.
Certification MS Windows seven helps in checking out new possibilities or improving in the current position; however, for that the applicants are necessary to build and illustrate technical expertise and abilities in the test.
An applicant appearing for the 70-680 examination is necessary to know about setting up, improving, and moving Ms Windows and implementing MS Windows. Considered as one of the most complete examinations among MS qualification examinations, the 70-680 examination concentrates on more recent technological innovation presented or customized in MS Windows seven. The stress is being given as the 70-680 examination is becoming important and primary part of MS Certification. The certification is targeted to enhance the base of skilled experts who can manage MS Windows seven operating system.
Employers these days have started realizing MS Certification sincerely; therefore, it is almost important for better profession probability to have some documentation in Microsoft.

An Overview of MCSD.Net Certification by Microsoft

If you are a software designer and have good understanding of Microsoft .Net Framework 1.0 and 1.1, Visual Studio 2003 and 2008 and want to flourish and generate high glitches, it's time to get qualified by MS. MS provides MS Certified Solution Developer qualification for innovative developers. MCSD.Net qualified designers are in great demand these days in IT world that design and create top rated business solutions using resources and technological innovation designed by MS and .Net framework.
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD .NET) can be said as the innovative as well as important qualifications to the developers who are able of developing as well as creating the business solution with the help of MS development technological innovation and resources as well as Microsoft .NET framework.
Applicants who have 2 years or more encounter of progression and keeping alternatives and programs is qualified to take MCSD.Net qualification. Applicants looking for this qualification are necessary to complete all four Primary examination and one Optional examination. The Primary examination assess the candidates with their specialized expertise and skills in creating and keeping business programs that are according to MS Development Resources, technological innovation and Microsoft .Net Framework 1.0 and 1.1. The elective examination contains specialized skills in any of the MS Server Item. This qualification maintains its value for your whole life-time for as long as need of IT Experts prevails in the market. MCSD.Net qualification expenditures are roughly 125$ for each examination. You can get complete and modified information about record of examinations on MS web page. Whenever some examination gets on or some paths are remodeled you don't have to take the whole qualification again. You are required to complete only the alternative examination after you get qualified then there's no need of Re-Certification.
You can get referrals content for MCSD.Net qualification on MS Website for your assistance. But just examining is not enough; you need to exercise them a lot on MS Certified Tools.
To be able to acquire the MCSD .NET qualification, applicants have to take up four exams which are compulsory and one optional evaluation with option centered program.
The following are the four exams which are compulsory and candidate's needs to take up all the evaluation.
1.      Exam 70-290 or maintaining and managing Windows 2000 server environment

2.      Exam 70-291 or implementation, managing and maintaining Windows 2000 server network infrastructure

3.      Exam 70-293 or maintaining and planning Windows 2000 server network infrastructure

4.      Exam 70-294 or maintaining, planning and implementation Windows 2000 sever active directory infrastructure.
The following are the optional exams that the applicant has to select and write this optional exam from any one of the following.
1)      Exam 70-229 or SQL server 2000 design
2)      Exam 70-431 or SQL server 2000 implementation (MCTS).
MCSD .NET Certification - Job Roles for Candidates:
MCSD .NET successful certified applicant's can get the job in any of these following roles and they are:
·         Web developer

·         Software developer

·         Software engineer

·         Application developer

·         Software architect

·         Senior system analyst

·         System analysts, etc

The Dominion of MCAS Certification

Microsoft Office is the most generally used program in the IT world. It is significant from the student's level till the professional level. Therefore, having a qualification concerning the competence in Office is very essential now-a-days. Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) qualification is one such qualification that depends on Microsoft Office 2007.
MCAS qualification contains 6 different exams, from which the applicants have to select one. These exams are as follows:
• MCAS: Windows Vista for the Business Worker
• MCAS: Using Microsoft Office Word 2007
• MCAS: Using Microsoft Office Excel 2007
• MCAS: Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
• MCAS: Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
• MCAS: Using Microsoft Office Access 2007
Qualifying one of these tests facilitates the candidate to turn into a certified professional of that particular area. However, if the applicants qualify more than one of these assessments, then he gets a logo that can be used on a lot of locations like cards, emails, letterheads. This logo symbolizes that you are different from the qualified experts of MCAS. This MCAS qualification is a genuine way of informing others that you have enough understanding and exercising in the area of Microsoft Office.
Duration for the examination is 50 moments and it involves either 20-27 hands-on queries or 20-27 MCQs. Duplicated and live environment are used to take the exam and the learners have to show their abilities in these conditions. Providing concept to a particular variety of cells is an example of the process that can be requested from the candidate.
Exercising, like in other qualification programs, is also essential for moving the MCAS qualification system as well. Two kinds of trainings are available for this certification:
Choice One: If you want to have exercising according to your own timings, then you must go for the online exercising. This form of exercising is even less expensive as well.
Choice Two: A classroom sitting led by a qualified educator is also very valuable to the contenders, but it is somewhat costly.
One factor to keep in thoughts while creating your option regarding exercising kind is to have a tutor. The tutor can be either on the internet or in person. This is necessary because a tutor will always keep you up to date about the latest changes. Hands-on methods are very essential to exercising as well. These methods allow you to create a technique to be able to be effective in the real 50 minute exam.
When assessing exercising options, be sure you will have an individual to ask or e-mail concerns. This is very beneficial for many learnersMany on the internet applications now provide Stay Advisors. This is beneficial because there are many changes in the Office 2007 applications and you want to be sure you have overall explanation before examining. Also be sure the exercising contains hands-on exercise. The examinations are hands-on and you must be able to execute the exam goals in a relatively quick time interval. Fifty minutes will go by very quick, so be sure you are ready.

MOS Certification - Boost up Employee Proficiency and Self-Esteem

Analysis has proved that companies that use an MOS certification program see far attaining advantages. Employees have the exercising to improve their performance and are made to feel useful with a company-financed professional certification. It provides an idea to customers that your business uses knowledgeable experts to offer the best assistance possible.
However, the qualification tests are not easy. MS has designed the examinations to process the knowing of certification applicants, making certain that they are real experts in all aspects of MS Office applications.
MOS qualification is the most authentic system to validate your proficiencies in the use of one or more MS Office system of desktop publishing application that contains:
·         MS Word
·         MS Excel
·         MS Access
·         MS PowerPoint
·         MS Outlook
The qualification is recognized globally as an occupation system used by experts to keep their IT capabilities existing and competitive. No issue where you are on the globe, whether you are fresh into the job industry or an established professional, having MOS requirements is one way of position out from the crowd.
All over the world, if there is one thing that holds all the business and their employees together, it's the use of MS Office resources. From composing offer on MS Word to making PowerPoint slide shows and from planning information in Excel to handling emails on Outlook, using MS Office technological innovation have become second characteristics to most experts.
MS Office is developed not just to offer exercising to make your employees more effective, but to offer the expertise required to complete the qualifications programs.
Opting a MOS Training Facility
Before determining on an exercising facility, consider the length of the program, the popularity of the exercising facility, and the framework of the programs. The most effective programs are those that show a variety of important abilities to give your workers new assurance with MS programs as well as prepare them specifically for the kinds of abilities required on the MOS qualifications examinations.
 An Essential Skill
The knowledge of MS Office has become one of the most essential abilities to have on your CV. Business employers often anticipate their workers to be basic to advanced-level customers of MS Office resources with regards to the information they've been employed for.
So, if your lack of expertise with MS office resources is supporting you moving forward from overcoming the job market, it's a chance to take remedial action. It's a chance to start thinking about getting MS office Professional (MOS) qualifications.
MOS Certifications – Types
Before start preparing for MOS, one should know the different types of Microsoft Office certifications available.
MOS Master: Suitable for those who need more than operating details about Ms Office programs.
MOS Expert: Developed for individuals, who need to show their skills in particular MS Office programs.
Microsoft Office Specialist: Perfect for experts who need extremely developed abilities in MS Office 2010 & 2007 as well as other MS computer software.

MCSE Exercising and Qualification Get Trained, Get Valued

The MS Certified System Engineer (MCSE) program is designed to provide one with the appropriate skills and knowledge in developing and applying the facilities for business solution. It is based on the WS 2003. MCSE 2008 boot camp is an ideal way of learning this technological innovation.
MCSE 2008 training shows one's experience to clients and business employers that one is skilled enough for particular job information for business solutions according to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. Execution liability includes setting up, installation and trouble shooting network techniques.

Qualifying an MCSE certification is no simple process. This reality, combined with the need for business level IT experts, creates an MCSE a very useful qualification to obtain.

After you have obtained the MCSE qualification on the OS of your choice, you will have the chance to choose a specialization to further set yourself apart from your colleagues.

MCSE areas of expertise are a way for IT experts to more easily recognize their concentrate in a particular area. You may choose to be dedicated to messaging or security with any MCSE qualification you obtain.

Your MCSE may be on MS Windows Server 2003, MS Windows Server 2000, MS Windows NT4.0 or MS Windows 2000. MCSE training is most appropriate for those already in a professional IT field. Systems specialized engineers, tech support team specialized engineers, systems experts, network experts and specialized consultants would already be familiar with the basic framework in a business’s infrastructure.

Many sites offer examining content, research courses and even no cost exercise assessments to help you get ready for your MCSE examination. Microsoft often provides a no cost second-chance test if you don't qualify the examination in first attempt. Many experts need a second opportunity, so don't let a first-exam failing discourage you from attaining your objective.

Exams Required Clearing MS 2008 Certification after MCSE 2008 Training

There are 7 examinations. Among which, 4 examinations are on networking techniques, one is of core design examination, another single core examination on client operating systems and finally the last one is of elective examination. This could seem like a lot of work but getting MCSE qualification does not need to take over your lifestyle. With simple to use internet centered exercising available you can understand in your own time. These CBT are put together by professionals as well, so you do not need to fear about the quality of what you are learning.

Future Certification Path for MCSE 2008 Training and Certification Holders
There are other more recent qualifications for MS technological innovations, such as Exchange Server 2010, SQL Server 2008 or Windows server 2008 one should get Qualified IT Expert (MCITP) certification. One may also upgrade to the MS Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) and MS Certified IT Expert (MCITP) on certification, if one has MCSE on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 certification.

Through the MCP participant website, you can access MS Certified Expert Journal Online. The journal has been considered as one of the sector's major profession and professional progression newspapers. 

An Overview of Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification

MTA stands for Microsoft Technology Associate. MTA is the qualification from Microsoft for efficiently finishing its online exams detailed under this classification. MTA qualification examine the candidate’s essential knowledge of MS Technical innovation. MTA Evaluation can be taken up by developers and general IT Experts to improve on their technological know-how and secure a profession growth. These exams deal with different areas like web development, software development, networking basic principles.

There are 5 MTA Documentation Evaluation for developers and 3 MTA Documentation Evaluation for IT professionals. Applicants have to clear at least one of these exams to get a MTA Certification.

The exams for Developers are:
  • "Software Development Fundamentals

  • "Windows Development Fundamentals

  • "Web Development Fundamentals

  • "Database Fundamentals

  • "Security Fundamentals

The examinations for IT Professionals are:
  • "Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

  • "Networking Fundamentals

  • "Microsoft .Net Fundamentals

Those cleaning this MTA Evaluation get tasks such as web designer, application designer, system expert, and data base managers.

How to get Ready for MTA

MTA Evaluation is no child’s play. Applicants have to give their best to get the certification. Exercising would help them a long way to obvious these examinations. There are many facilities providing training on MTA Documentation. These are available on the internet as well as experience to deal with. The key benefits of going with these schools are:

  • "Training gives the necessary information to clear the certification.

  • "100% complete assurance to obvious the qualification in the first effort if not they give assurance to return the practice kit free of cost without any condition.

  • "Real test circumstances are given in simulated form to provide the feel for the actual exams.

  • "Plenty of exercise assessments, concept examinations and with email address details are given to exercise more and gain confidence.

  • "Study content also contains lessons, assessments and examination tips for knowing the concepts.

Advantages of MTA Certification
  • Microsoft products being most popular used by all corporations, MTA qualification from MS shows skills in managing them properly.

  • MTA qualified experts confirm their eagerness to keep themselves up to date the technological innovation and capability to take up new challenges.

  • The Microsoft Technology Associate Certification exam is considered as market standard for IT companies across the glob for evaluating the knowledge of software, Microsoft Windows, web, database, networking capabilities. MTA professional discover it more readily found job and get compensated better than the non qualified individuals.
·         The MTA Qualification represents the newest and up-to-date understanding of the market which is itself an important area in IT world. MTA documentation allows you to increase your job leads and open new professional horizons. It gives you immediate acknowledgement from potential business employers and customers, enhancing your possibilities of marketing and achievements. MTA documentation validates your IT understanding and skills according to market needs so that you feel more energized regarding the expert options you want to make in your life.
·         Like all other Microsoft qualifications, MTA would confirm to be a stepping-stone towards your expert enrichment and improved self-esteem.

MCBMSS Certification – The Most Beneficial Microsoft Certification

Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist and Professional qualifications help recognize and differentiate your technical abilities in using a Microsoft Dynamics or related business product.
These qualifications are acknowledged by industry employers and give an ideal legalization of your understanding. Having a Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist or Professional qualification helps you exhibit the real-world technical abilities that employers are searching for, which leads to superior occupation openings for you.
Earning the Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist qualification helps exhibit your expertise in one component of a Microsoft Dynamics or connected business invention. Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialists must pass a single qualification exam.

What really helps your MCBMSS examination training is some direction and attentiveness, and a small number of resources offer you that like the Microsoft course, which involves MCBMSS research courses and a number of MCBMSS training tools which could help you train in a way that will allow you to achieve well at the actual Microsoft MCBMSS examinations.

The MCBMSS Certification characterizes the most recent and up-to-date facts of the industry which is itself an indispensable thing in the IT field. MCBMSS certification lets you develop your career scenario and helps mounting your professional scope. Like all other Microsoft certifications, MCBMSS qualification would prove to be a stepping stone towards your professional fortification and enlarged self-esteem.
MCBMSS Certification Exams
Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist is the qualification issued by Microsoft for effectively carrying out its online examinations related to Microsoft Dynamics or related business items. Qualifying for MCBMSS is the proof of the applicant’s proficiency in any of the Microsoft Dynamics or related business products. There are 7 MCBMSS exams for the applicants to select.
The list of exams is as follows:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM certifications

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX certifications

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP certifications

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV certifications

  • Microsoft Dynamics RMS certifications

  • Microsoft Dynamics POS certifications

  • Microsoft Dynamics SL certifications

Applicants should pass any of the certifications listed above to earn MCBMSS Certification. Those with comprehensive understanding and practice on any of the Microsoft Dynamics or related business products would find it easier to qualify the exam.

MCBMSS – How to Qualify?

MCBMSS Examination is not an easy task. Applicants have to work hard to qualify the certification. Proper practice would help them a long way to clear these exams.
There are many facilities providing exercising on MCBMSS Qualifications. These are available online as well as offline. The key benefits of going with these centers are.

  • Training gives the necessary information to obvious the qualification.

  • 100% success assurance to qualify the certification in the first try if not they promises to give back the training kit free of cost without any condition.

  • Real test scenarios are provided in replicated form to confer the feel for the real examination.

  • Number of training tests and mock exams are provided to train more and build confidence.

  • Study material also contains tutorials, questions and examination tips for better understanding of the concepts.

  • Practice more rather than learning or researching.

MCBMSS Certification - Benefits

Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist certification provides the applicants, edge over their co-worker. As the qualification merges technical awareness with business skills; it’s most favored by the owners.
Holding Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist certification adds value to the résumé, applications, and other documents, there by helps in development in job as well as business.
MCBMSS certification is an admired certification as it’s one of the most beneficial Microsoft certifications in the IT world.

MCAD Qualifications - Improving Skills

Certifications are an excellent way to boost your résumé. These are of great benefits especially when you are seeking for aggressive job information in the hugely powerful IT market. Being a respected organization, qualifications from Microsoft are recognized all over the world, and applicants with these qualifications are always given personal preference over the others.
A very well-known certification of all is the MCAD qualification, MCAD stands for MS Certified Application Developers. Like all MS qualifications, the MCAD too has a set of exams connected with it, which need to be passed by the applicants.
Post this qualification, the applicants will be able to screen their capability in creating applications by using the MS Visual Studio.NET. For exercising requirements, MS provides classroom coaching, which can be either supplemented with, or even replaced with the online classes.

MCAD Qualification – Exams & Requirements
Microsoft Qualified Application Developer is the phrase for MCAD. This qualification plans for offering acknowledgement to the designers who develop programs with the help of MS Visual Studio.NET, Microsoft.NET structure 1.1 and solutions to web on Microsoft .NET.
In order to acquire MCAD documentation, applicants have to take part in the two primary exams and in an optional evaluation of a particular expertise. One of the primary exams is mainly targeted in windows database integration in the preferred language or web database integration. Applicants have to acquire lowest eligibility scaled ranking in the server components evaluation as well as web solutions element exams. This optional certificate is mainly targeted with some specific MS products.
According to the MCAD documentation, all applicants have to display their abilities as well as abilities towards the creating programs with the help of MS Visual Studoin.NET. Hence training shall be the important specifications for acquiring the certification.
Some concept assessments as well as self assessments can be taken by the applicants as a practice before the evaluation.
For experts, looking for to identify their abilities in being able to create programs using Windows Visual Studio .NET or creating web solutions on .Net structure, the MCAD Qualifications or MS Certified Application Developer is an ideal documentation.
Planning for MS Certified Application Developer qualifications needs deeply knowing of coding basic principles and skills in the progression of Microsoft Windows or web based programs. Apart from that, one also needs the availability of right options for the exercising of MCAD qualifications. Getting good complete preparation components and research sets from efficient services is also essential moreover to the knowledge one possess, if he is looking at getting an MCAD qualifications.
For getting better exercising, MS provides special teaching and can be compounded with or can be discovered through on the internet classes. When it comes with on the internet classes, additional ability is also available to the applicants that they can obtain knowledge through e-learning components and guides are available on the market through the internet resource and lots of e-books are also available which are released from all sides of the world.

How to Qualify MCDBA Certification

MCDBA certification stands for Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, granted by Microsoft, one of the best organizations in the IT world. This ability validates one’s expertise required for a wide range of tasks worldwide, be it database administrator, database specialist or a developer. But to accomplish this MCDBA qualification from MS, you need to have some experience of Ms SQL Server. Generating a MCDBA qualification gives you the confidence of getting the interviewers following for you because of the abilities and understanding you have. An endorsement from MS not only assures your job fulfillment but also allows you to improve the trouble shooting abilities. Moreover with this MCDBA qualification, you get the benefit of opening unique MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) programs and their benefits.
Exams & Requirements
Qualifying this useful certification is a bit tough. You need to obvious four assessments before hand to achieve this requirement. The first challenge is an examination on MS SQL Server Management. If you have already passed an identical analyze, you can continue for the next analyze. The next need is to obvious one SQL server design examination. And if you have already qualified an identical analyzes then you need to pass Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or MS Windows Server 2003 examination. The analyze includes skills like keeping as well as handling a Windows 2003 environment, network facilities and offering MS Windows 2000 server.
Upon clearing this specification the next need is to clear an optional examination according to your expertise on a particular area. Various available options about selecting the optional examination contains administering Microsoft Windows 2000 network infrastructure, .NET framework and other web centered customer progression programs.
The best and the most effective way to exercise yourself for this MCDBA qualification is the examination planning information for each examination offered by MS itself. However the number of questions provided in each examination ranges from season to year, still the planning information helps secure examination security as well as the high specifications of the qualification. The best and the only way to crack these examinations are to give your very best as much as possible and exercise the skills described in the planning information offered by MS.
Training Process of MCDBA
Training is very important factor for acquiring the MCDBA qualification. Professionals are managing the workout in MS training centers. It is suggested for the applicants to go to it by making their routine allowing for that. However, in some cases, professionals, who are working for multinational companies cannot create their routine in joining training programs. For those experts, online center option is available and they can get skilled without impacting their tasks. It is suggested to experts to take part in quality learning in MS website itself. In case, if any other training centers are available, then the applicants have to create sure in getting the information of past encounters from the facilities.
Advantages of MCBDA
The following are the advantages of the MCP qualification to the applicants who carry their qualifications. They are:
·         In companies, most commonly used items are the MS items and MCDBA qualification will confirm the skills on the newest technological innovation of the MS items.
·         Candidates who are positioning their qualifications will be given first concern and also in marketing level requirements.
·         Usually, MCDBA qualified applicants are employed quickly as well as quickly as they finish their qualification. They are compensated with more wages as well.

Acquire the Latest IT Skills with MS Partner Competency Qualification and Stand out in the Career

An MCP is a private firm that provides clients MS related goods and solutions. These companies perform globally to provide a range of MS Solutions under the MS offset umbrella, yet remain separate. These items could include anything from education to tech assistance team to original equipment producer application to specialist application. The advantages for associates are earlier access to details from MS, quantity of tech assistance team and cheaper access to MS application permits. The primary advantage for MS is a devoted band of experienced, able and modern companies, always ready to help them serve their client’s needs. Microsoft’s Certified Partners certification system is meant for companies that are effective in applying Microsoft’s technological innovation and systems.
Types of MCP
MS provides two different types of MCPs. They are the MS Certified Partner and the MS Gold Certified Partner. The MS Gold Qualified Partner must complete a much more difficult analyze to be granted the "gold" certification. Once they obtain that popular documentation they, in turn, have many more solutions available to them than those that don't have the gold documentation. The Gold Qualification system contains number of services:
  • Business intelligence
  • Collaborative solutions
  • Hosting
  • Application services
  • Learning solutions
  • Security solutions
Membership Fee & its Advantages
MS Certified Partners pay a yearly regular member's program rights fee. MS Qualified Partners also get entry to up to 10 duplicates of Office XP Developer Version, 20 duplicates of the Microsoft Windows XP Professional OS and between 10 & 20 client accessibility certificate chairs for server access. MS Qualified Lovers must update their qualifications whenever MS produces new systems or application. This keeps these partner’s' qualifications up-to-date and guarantees that they are familiar with all MS systems and application. They also have 24 hour entry to Microsoft windows assistance solutions. This enables MCPs to provide the best in customer interaction and assistance to their clients every day.

Microsoft Partner Competency certification is from MS for efficiently finishing it’s on the internet examinations listed under this classification. MS Partner Experience certification has evaluation in almost all MS Technology like Microsoft Windows OS, Efficiency Software and Servers. Thus, MS Partner Experience certification helps to obtain employment in any of MS Technology.

Microsoft Partner Competency Examinations

There are 11 Microsoft Partner Competency Examination papers, each focusing on one technological innovation. Successful realization of every examination will bring a Microsoft Partner Competency qualification. There are no boundaries on the number of examinations or documentation that can be obtained.
The examinations are as follows:

  1. Customizing Portal Solutions with Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies

  2. Developing E-Business Solutions Using MS BizTalk Server2004

  3. Pre-Installing MS Products using the OEM Pre-Install Kit

  4. Designing a MS Office Enterprise Proj.Mgmt.EPM

  5. Designing Portal Solutions with MS SharePoint Products

  6. Developing MS Off Using XML Prof Enterp Ed 2003

  7. Plan & Build a Msg & Collab Envir Usin MS Off Sys & Win Serv

  8. Deploying Business Desktops with MS Wind Serv & Off 2003

  9. Delivering Business Value Planning Services

  10. Microsoft@ Response Point, Configuring

  11. MS Office Communication Server 2007-U.C Voice Specialization