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Friday, 1 February 2013

Microsoft MCITP Server Administrator Certification – Excellent way to Boost up Your Career

The Microsoft’s MCITP: Server Administrator qualification is the best qualification for Windows Server 2008, offering well known, purpose approval of your ability to perform critical, current IT job tasks by using MS technological innovation to their best advantage.
Qualifying a MCITP Server Administrator qualification shows your skills and knowledge in the management and servicing of MS Windows Server 2008 R2 infrastructure. The MCITP: SA qualification is for people who want to maintain a MS Windows 2008 facilities rather than design and professional one in which case the MCITP: EA would be the qualification you are after. Positioning a qualification will be an excellent addition to your CV and will be an advantage when implementing for System Manager Job role. Average wage for MCITP Server Administrator is USD $75000.
Get an MCITP: Server Administrator qualification to show your leadership and problem-solving skills in working with MS Windows Server 2008. Server Administrators are recognized among their peers and managers as commanders in the day-to-day functions management of MS Windows Server 2008. Illustrate and communicate your ability to take system-wide ownership of MS Windows Server 2008 administration and increase your company's return on technology investment by earning the MCITP: Server Administrator qualification.
The MCITP applicants are IT professionals capable of implementing, building, developing, improving and managing technological innovation for a particular job role. They make the technological innovation and design choices necessary to ensure successful technological innovation execution tasks.
You are required to pass 3 exams to qualify this certification. These exams are as follows:
  • 70-640 – MCTS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory
  • 70-642 – MCTS: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure
  • 70-646 – PRO: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator

Advantages of the Microsoft MCITP Server Administrator certification

  • Microsoft items are most popular today and the MCITP: Server Administrator certification shows specialties on the Microsoft items and technological innovations.
  • MCITP: Server Administrator certification improves employment opportunities for programmers.
  • MCITP: Server Administrator certification is good for experts who have initial level certifications in related technologies to update their CVs and get recognition from the market.
  • MCITP: Server Administrator Certified persons get special bids and discount on Microsoft items.
Audience Profile
A Server manager is responsible for the functions and day-to-day control of facilities of MS Windows server 2008 R2 servers for an enterprise organization. MS Windows Server administrator manages the facilities, Web, and IT application Servers. The MS Windows Server Administrator use scripts and batch files written by others or those that they occasionally write themselves to accomplish projects regularly. They conduct most server control projects slightly by using Remote Desktop Server or administration tools installed on their local work station. A Server administrator’s primary projects include:
  • Managing the server operating system, file, and directory services
  • Software distribution and updates
  • Profiling and monitoring assigned servers
  • Troubleshooting

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