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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Microsoft Dynamic Nav

The MS Dynamic Nav is the part of the MS Dynamic family a center market bookkeeping application is also known as Navision, MS Company Solution: Navision, or Navision Attain. Nav is a bookkeeping program or ERP (Enterprise Source Planning) application package.
Dynamics NAV is a complete business resource planning (ERP) application remedy that is fast to apply, easy to set up, and uncomplicated to use. Designed with simple ness in mind, its modern style, progression and execution increases user friendliness.
With NAV you can apply confirmed industry-specific performance appropriate to your needs, even for the most extremely specialized areas and organizations. The result is: A cost-effective ERP application remedy accurately designed for your exclusive specifications. One that allows your workers be more efficient and your business more aggressive. Scalable for all
The complete business management software since 1984, Dynamic NAV has founded itself as a first choice remedy for companies looking for complete business management software.
Previous NAV's certification style, "Module Based License" (MBL), is deficit of performance but in 2006 NAV is certified to use BRL (Business Prepared License) style. MS provides a choice to his client to move from MBL to BRL.
In BRL certificate the client buys individual time, have entry to certain areas of the program. Normally clients are two kinds
 (1) Business Essentials (BE)
 (2) Advanced Management (AM)
AM is more important than BE.
NAV has a powerful function set. But more important point is that it can be believed of as an "ERP System development set". Designers can easily enter to the progression terminology like Pascal is developed for quickly personalizing the software. Customers don't need to use complicated host side Work SQL stored procedures to handle the program and data source. This is a new progression or variations in NAV.
Approximately 65,000 organizations are operating the remedy with over 1.3 thousand end individual permits. Roughly 13,000 of those organizations are in the US. It was the first and only mid-market ERP program to separate one-million end individual permits.
Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamic NAV
Everything you need from contemporary business management software solution, Dynamics NAV provides an easy, sensible and contemporary way of reaching complete incorporation in-line with the way you like to do business.

NAV is a company control remedy that is developed for small and medium-sized company. MS Dynamic NAV is also easy to use and sustain.
Microsoft Characteristics NAV will fulfill your company needs and can help you with:
Financial Management: NAV helps you access to real-time financial, revenue, and promotion information.
Manufacturing: Microsoft NAV will help you with a package of manufacturing programs to handle and perform manufacturing process.
Distribution: NAV will Increase your stock management and reduce distribution costs more effectively
Customer Relationship Management: You can improve you customer relationship management with MS Dynamic NAV by handling customer information and revenue backgrounds, create and release promotion strategies and monitoring customer activity.
With the NAV personalization you can easily add features, customized programs, and online business abilities. MS Dynamic NAV allows you to achieve your company needs with amazing value.

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