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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Great Plains or former Great Plains Software Dynamics/eEnterprise was designed in 1990th with specifically Great Plains Software Dexterity programming language and development atmosphere. Currently Microsoft Business Solutions (renamed into Microsoft Dynamics) is applying new Microsoft .net, eConnect, XML web services and MS Office stack integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP, however Dexterity core is still strong and end-user integration - Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Manager
·         Dexterity Fat Client as OLE Server: When you are establishing Incorporation Manager- you need to shut all MS Great Plains types, such as selection pallets - the purpose is easy - IM uses GP work station as OLE host to confirm IM administrator integrations business sense administration immediately through GP forms
·         VBA Scripting: You can do some SQL manipulations in innovative ODBC question, such techniques as selecting, group, gathering or amassing, however the actual energy of incorporation administrator sets in the adjustment of VBA scripting - you can substitute areas IM logics with your customized VBA programs. The same strategy was well-known for MS Exceed several years ago, just before release of MS .Net strategy
·         C#, VB and MS Visual Studio: Contrary to Great plains Skill, which is exclusive foundation and needs company certification and training to do coding, Visible Facilities needs individual certification and could be available to wide public of developers. Visible Facilities designers should concentrate on eConnect direction of Microsoft Dynamic GP personalization and integration
·         Axapta, Navision, Solomon directions: MS Dynamic venture as an heir of MS Project Green is trying to connect all Microsoft ERP programs, however it is probably challenging to estimate if it will be licensing/scaling/upgrade direction or actual segments cross-integration. Possible situation is - when you are online company you use MS Small Business Accounting, then you update to MS Dynamic GP and when you go public you update to MS Dynamic AX Axapta

Microsoft Great Plains or former Great Plains Software Dynamics/ Software is very good foundation for service business automation, including midsize and large organizations, focusing on routine projects, location, little agreements to residential and online company customers, franchisee networks, submission, etc.

Development & Customization perspectives

MS Dynamic GP or former Great Plains has a range of progression and coding resources. As specialized advisor you should decide on the personalization opportunity, life span expectations, future personalization migration to project Green/Microsoft Dynamic (without GP AX NAV SL), etc.

Microsoft Business Solutions or current name is MS Dynamic subdivision of MS is on the way of very fast and significant changes. In earlier 21st century MS bought Great Plains Application (Great Plains and Solomon), then a bit later Navision Application (Navision & Axapta).

Implementation in Large Corporation

In addition to conventional ERP success aspects, we would like to give you particular best parts, which should allow you to assist specialized side of MS Great Plains, reduce system down time and include GP into your business IT facilities, such as web website, CRM, provide cycle control and current history programs. MS Dynamic GP is incorporated with MS Office and via Business Site with MS Business Portal, however these programs are generally easier to assist, evaluating to customized in-house made history programs, EDI, history integrations with non-Microsoft systems, such as Java or Oracle.

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