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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Microsoft Dynamics AX - Improve Your Business Efficiency

Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 is the newest edition of Windows incorporated business source preparing system, used by over 7,553 clients to obtain aggressive benefits. It increases company performance, helps you to save management some time to provide real-time information to increase company selection.
Dynamics AX was originally designed by Erik and Preben Damgaard in 1983 and was known as Axapta. In the 90's, IBM joined with Damgaard to carry Axapta to the US. But soon after, in 2000, Damgaard Application joined with Navision Application which was a competition item designed by Navision Financial records. Damgaard Axapta got relabeled to Navision Axapta while Navision Financial records got relabeled to Navision Obtain.
Microsoft Dynamics AX benefits

·         Efficiently match provides with client demand and optimizes inventory levels.

·         Inventory dimensions in MS Dynamics AX are a powerful tool for identifying your inventory according to storage and item characteristics, so that you can get actions overview of your inventory whenever you need it.

·         Increase your components source planning. MS Dynamics AX gives you an efficient and flexible indicates of managing bills of material (BOM) to ensure you get the most accurate priced at and components requirements details.

·         Increase factory performance and control through item specific put away techniques, constant inventory and source optimization. MS Dynamics AX allows item specific put away techniques, giving you the ability to sort items by characteristics such as meals, non-food, type or weight.

·         Improve your provide chain procedure. MS Dynamics AX simplifies and performs receiving and shipping processes and allows cross-docking and back-order deliveries. As a high performing system, MS Dynamics AX is designed to handle huge amounts of dealings using the same resources. It boosts company productivity, whilst supporting company growth.

·         Increase your company exposure with real-time confirming at any level of the company. By utilizing MS SQL Server Reporting Services, MS Dynamics AX enables customers to report on any level of the company and extract the real-time details they need. It supports action monitoring and activity-based priced at. Users also find that the familiar MS look and feel makes MS Dynamics AX easier to adopt and completely utilize.

·         Send inventory quicker and boost the performance of revenue purchase handling. MS Dynamics AX's direct incorporation with the factory indicates your revenue and client support employees have a stay perspective of inventory and item availability. Brett Jackson, IT Consultant at Sampford & staff, said that since using MS Dynamics AX, the Assistance Management division has had a 60% performance improvement in revenue purchase handling. This is centered purely on sending inventory quicker. It used to take staff an hour to procedure a revenue purchase, now it takes 10-15 minutes.

·         Microsoft Dynamics AX increases your company in 4 critical areas: Customer, Consolidation, Conformity and Cost.

·         Microsoft Dynamics AX allows you to project your future profits and creates both item and general journal anticipates.

·         You can keep your shelves completely stocked with MS Dynamics AX's stay perspective capability.

Development of Offshore Services

Microsoft Dynamics AX services are completely targeted on individual tasks and efficiency profits through continuous concentrate on projects and responsibilities that workers have to handle daily.
Customers have personalized home WebPages for the ERP software which gives them access to their personal projects and appropriate routine, past due accounts or customers over their borrowing restrict. AX notifies users immediately to the exclusions which require immediate attention thus enhancing efficiency in the long run. This helps fix issues before they get out of hand of a business.

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